Dispense de consanguinité

  • Jean Lécuyer
    Jean Lécuyer

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    Peut-on trouver des dispenses de consanguinité aux AD 77 - dispenses délivrées par l 'archevêque de Meaux au 17e siècle? ou peut-on les trouver dans celles de l'Officialité de Paris, détenues par les archives nationales?
    Merci d'éclairer ma lanterne.
    Jean Lécuyer.
  • Jean Bernard Duval
    Jean Bernard Duval

    le Jeu 29 jan 2015 à 10:17 Citer ce message

    Bonjour, les archives ecclésiastiques de Meaux ont brûlé pendant la Révolution, cependant, vous pouvez demander conseil à l'archiviste, très dévouée:
    Marie Laure Gordien 7 rue Notre Dame, 77344 Meaux Cedex
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    How to Go for the Right Vehicle Transporter While Shifting

    Planning for a move and concerned as how to take your lovable vehicle with you. Don’t worry, there are many good options implementing which you can actually take your vehicle safely in the new destination. While encountering the situation to ship your vehicle safely through a motor transporter there are several norms that have to be fulfilled for the same. These norms will let you know the right direction to hire a reliable and credible auto transporter to transit your vehicle safely in the new city.

    Newspaper classifieds, local magazines, yellow pages, hoardings will let you informed about several brilliant options. These will feed you with informational and relevant choices. You can also concern local telephone directory, or magazine to get the best and suitable option for you.

    Your friends, relatives and colleagues will also let you with informational options. Ask references from them if they have redeemed the service of auto transporter. In this way you would get the real and actual reviews about the company and their work culture as well.

    Check Minutely about the auto transporter you have short listed for your move. Investigate each and every aspect of the company. The business bureau or the authorized body will let you with the real position and image of the company in market. In this way you will also know about the work culture of the organization.

    Companies even Outsource vehicle transporter so if you cannot get a suitable one in your locality you can get a reliable packer outside your premises which has a contract with a local auto transporter there. All you need to do is hire a credible one and rest will be done by them.

    Packers and Movers also provide this facility of vehicle transportation. So you can ask your moving company for the same. Many have the facility of transporting your vehicle in the same cargo, in which your household goods are being transported. This would be more convenient for you as well because in this way you can cope up easily with the shifting your household as well as your loved vehicle.

    Proper Documentation is foremost needed when you plan to ship your vehicle. So make sure you go with a verified and credible auto transportation agent. Sign each and every document only after going through every clause. Make sure that any loss or damage to your vehicle during transportation will be beard by the moving company or not. Motor insurance will help you to come out from any such situations.

    These points will lead you to the best and reliable auto transporter to transit your vehicle safely in the new destination. This will help you from the very beginning of your search till the transportation. Your foremost responsibility is to check each and every thing minutely and then go for the best, reliable and credible firm for the same.

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  • Jean Lécuyer
    Jean Lécuyer

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    Merci à monsieur Jean Bernard Duval pour cette info.
    Jean Lécuyer

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